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Welcome to the deep image compositing website! We would like to use this website as a way of sharing our expertise in a recently emerged workflow due to an increased interest in the VFX community. Our goals are to show ideas on how to use and implement it within your pipeline as well as maintain a brain trust to help formulate a more standard approach.
The concept of a deep image isn’t brand new; ultimately it’s just the technique of encoding more than just the RGBA value in a pixel.  Many applications and systems already store multiple channels of data to enhance the compositing workflow as well as re-using calculations already performed by the rendering engine. Side FX software’s Houdini is an example of one of the more recent applications to utilize this workflow via it’s custom camera image format.
What we’re doing is utilizing a simplification of already existing representations for shadow maps to encode camera space information. This reaches further than traditional Z depth buffers, as those tend to lead to artifacts in semi transparent areas, such as motion blur or oversampling.
Deep images solve this issue by storing multiple samples for every pixel at varying depths which contain the chosen values (opacity, color, P) at that depth, encoding it in efficient way to solve a lot of the aforementioned historical issues.
This site is currently maintained by Colin Doncaster and Johannes Saam.